Sunset Blues Band


The Sunset Blues Band is your band. Our mission is to spread good vibes just like the sunset does. We find like minded bands, people and companies to spread good cheer virtually using AI, AR & VR with live in concert performances on special occasions.

Our current line up is built virtually on-line and we have a great foundation already.

Everywhere we play, whether it’s live or using VR Technology online we have local guest musicians to help us spread the positive music and cheer.  Come aboard! The Sunset Blues Band is Saving the Planet with your help!

Key Note: Love thyself and everything else falls into place.

We have hidden messages in our music so listen close as you never know when something will be different. Each time we play we change it up to see what can happen. We change our SoundCloud Tracks also with new mixes switched at random to keep things fresh for our tribe of fans. Always free to download and share.

We are a blues based improv band coming to your TV, neighborhood and arena.

This is your band not ours.

The Sunset Blues Band is coming to your land so give us a hand and tell a friend.

Here is our first song from our new album Sunset Blues. It’s called “Soul Savier” and and is the vocal down version. We sure hope you like it. Let us know in the comments below.

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